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Atenolol (Tenormin) is a beta-blocker utilized to deal with angina (chest pain) and higher blood pressure, and also to address and prevent cardiovascular disease. When you started as it might worsen your problem, it's not recommended to stop taking this medicine all of a sudden. When being managed with Atenolol as sleepiness and lightheadedness could possibly be raised, it's not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages. It's essential to consider that Atenolol functions ideal if combined with a healthy and balanced diet regimen and regular exercise. A lot of patients need to take this medication for the rest of their life. In situation you have a planned surgical treatment you might be required to stop taking this medicine for a long time. Some usual negative side effects include sleeping disorder, exhaustion, lessened libido, or difficulty having an orgasm.

This medication has actually been mentioned to influence your response and reasoning. It is not recommended to take part or steer a vehicle in other possibly dangerous activities if you are not certain regarding your specific reaction to Atenolol. Disliking Tenormin, having such troubles as diabetes, asthma, bronchitis, liver, kidney or depression illness, thyroid disorder, reduced blood stress, heart troubles and others could be contraindications. Atenolol is FDA maternity classification D - you must not take this medicine if expectant or breastfeeding as severe wellness repercussions for an infant are possible.

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