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Atenolol (Tenormin) is a beta blocker utilized to treat high blood pressure and angina, in addition to to avoid a heart strike. It functions by influencing the blood circulation with the veins and canals. This medication needs to be taken regularly and it's not advised to quit the therapy unexpectedly as drawback symptoms can be very unpleasant. Atenolol has actually been reported to hinder the reaction and awareness of some patients taking it. Unless you are certain about the impacts this medication has on you, do not produce involved in harmful activities that may lead to injuries. Prior to you start taking this medicine your physician should understand if you have actually or utilized to have any one of the following wellness disorders: depression, a thyroid gland condition, a heart issue (heart disease, heart block etc), asthma, diabetic issues, reduced blood kidney, stress or liver illness.

This medication is maternity group D - it could hurt an unborn infant if taken by an expecting lady. Atenolol has also been mentioned to pass into boob milk and have an effect on a nursing or the wellness baby. See to it you inform your doctor about your pregnancy of breastfeeding before staring the therapy. Atenolol adverse effects can include anxiety, tiredness, anxiousness, rest problems, lessened sex drive and impotence.

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